12 of the Best Investment Apps of 2021 – Free Stock Trading and Investing

12 Best Investment Apps

The best investment apps are the ones that are not only easy to use but also without excessive fees and subscriptions. That being said, there are a lot of investment apps out there that have just that. Nowadays, with the rise of the use of technology in day to day life, there’s pretty much an app for everything, including investing! With today’s smartphone, you can day trade, sell stocks, and buy stocks all within your phone. Whether you’re on the go or in your bed, you can invest from anywhere!

However, not all investment apps are created equal. While a lot of investment apps out there are free to use, some try to trick you with subscription plans and other enticing purchases. With so many different apps out there, however, how can one tell which ones are legit and which ones aren’t? Thankfully, with the help of reviews and a list later in this article, anyone can get a headstart on their investing future!

The best ways to make money online include having one of these investment apps in your electronic toolbox. Without these, it’s easy to find yourself lost and without an idea of what to do. Especially with how complicated investing has gotten! Thankfully, with these great investment apps, you too will be able to traverse through trading stocks and day trading!

The Best Investment Apps of 2021

1. RobinHood

This app is most well known for letting you buy and sell stocks for free! Although this app doesn’t let you buy fractional shares, it’s a great app for those just getting started in the trading game. With a clean and simple interface, as well as great beginner options, I recommend this app for those who want to get started in trading with little consequence, as the fees on Robinhood are minimal if any.

2. Fidelity

Another trading service that lets you trade for free, this app, however, is a little more sophisticated. Offering a great variety of commission-free ETFs, not only will experienced investors be able to build a balanced portfolio, but also people who are new at investing can get started at their comfort level! Fidelity also offers great IRAs, and with no minimum deposit to open, it’s great for those just getting their feet wet.

3. Acorns

Want an app that lets you invest your spare change? This app is great for those who want a hands-off approach to investing, and just want their money to build slowly over time. Plus, accounts with less than $5,000 in their account only have to pay $1 a month for account upkeep! And for college students with a .edu email, you can register your email and use Acorns free of charge for 4 years!

Acorns The Best Investment Apps

4. ETrade

The best investment apps need to give you options, and thankfully with ETrade, you have many different options to build a trading portfolio that fits your life. With a great variety of commission-free ETFs, ETrade is another great app for beginners, especially if you’re interested in IRAs, as they have no minimum IRAS as well!

5. M1 Finance

When it comes to M1 Finance, they seem to have it all. Looking for commission free investing? Got it. Fractional shares? Check. Even automatic deposits? Got it too. M1 Finance is not only great for beginners with their low cost for portfolio startups, but they’re also great for experienced investors and traders, making a perfect portfolio, no matter your experience! Overall, this app seems to have it all and belongs on your phone if you’re interested in trading.

6. Vanguard

One of the original beginner investment apps, this app is great for those getting started. With no commissions, buying or selling, and no account service fees if you decide to get your documents electronically, it’s hard not to pick Vanguard, especially since there’s no account minimum.

7. Stash

When you hear anyone talk about investing, it can almost seem like another language! Thankfully, with Stash, all that confusing jargon goes away, and instead, Stash focuses on giving you the best investment app’s simple interface and attractive design.

8. Vault

For many freelancers and other gig-based workers, not having access to a 401(k) can be discouraging, especially as you get older. Thankfully, however, there are many great alternatives to this, including Vault. With Vault, you can open an IRA, SEP IRA, or even a Roth IRA, giving you many options to customize your plan. Also, if you use Acorns or Stash with this app, you’ll notice that they all use the same pricing model, which are some of the best investment apps out there!

9. Wealthfront

Another great passive earning investment app is Wealthfront. This app’s technology helps you do what you want to do most in the investing world; protect your money! By connecting your financial accounts to this app, it can even analyze your spending and create financial goals based on your current financial situation. This is great for people who want to invest passively, and aren’t interested in actively trading.

10. Clink

When it comes to investing, it’s important to be able to control how aggressive you want your portfolio to be. With Clink, you can do just that. This savings-based investment app has options for you to control just how you want your portfolio to act. Not only that, but you can also schedule purchases to be added to your account like maybe that daily latte you get in the morning. Giving such a small amount of money to some of these best investment apps will help you in the long run.

11. Stockpile

Stockpile is another good investing app. It’s very similar to other stock-trading app works and online trading platforms. You can start investing with as low as $5. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

12. TD Ameritrade Mobile

TD Ameritrade mobile is a traditional trading company. There is no account minimum so you can invest as little as you want. TD Ameritrade Mobile is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


Overall, with these great apps at your disposal, not only will you be a smarter trader, but also a more efficient one, with the technology needed to succeed, is right at your fingertips!     From Acorns to RobinHood, you won’t find any problem starting your first trade! Pretty soon, with these apps, you’ll find yourself working at home to earn money which is every person’s dream in this day and age.