The 20 Most Popular Business Consulting Services

Top Business Consulting Services to Start

The consulting business has become popular in recent years. Marketplaces are becoming more modern and competition is increasing. A consultant can be the edge that a business needs to beat out the competition. But how can someone get into the consulting business?

For one thing, you will need knowledge of the subject you want to become a consultant in. A consultant’s job is to provide professional advice on their area of expertise. All you need to start out as a consultant is specialized knowledge that you can share with your clients. In this post, we will go over how to start a consulting business. We will also briefly cover 20 of the most popular business consulting services.

How to Start a Consulting Business

There are a few steps you need to take before starting your consulting business. First, find out if your field requires a certification or special license to practice as a consultant. You should also make sure that you are up to date on any new findings in your field. Keeping up with research on current best practices in your field is a great idea for any consultant. 

Other skills that are useful for a consultant include strong time management and organizational skills. Often times, businesses want a consultant because they need structure. Skills that help build structure include time management, organization, and goal setting.

There are many fields that you can enter into as a consultant. We have listed twenty of the most popular fields for consultants below for your convenience.

Top Business Consulting Services to Start

1. Accounting 

Accounting is one of the first fields to popularize the use of consultants. Businesses in all fields use accountants. This means that accounting consultants have quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to deciding who to work with. 

2. Advertising

Advertising is another industry that is quite versatile. Many businesses can benefit from a well-coordinated advertising campaign. In the modern business world, image is everything. For this reason, advertising consultants are sure to remain successful for years to come.

3. Auditing

Hiring an outside auditing consultant is a great way to promote accountability and accuracy in business. If you have auditing experience and a strong eye for detail, this might be the job for you.

4. Business Startup

Business startup consultants are a great option for up and coming business to get an inside look at their industry. These consultants have experience and knowledge about the business world. They share this information with new business owners to help them get their companies started.

5. Construction 

Construction consultants make a living by offering practical advice on client’s construction projects. Most construction consultants have experience in construction. Ideally, these consultants will have experience in construction management. 

6. Career Counseling

Career counselors are there to assist people looking for work. These counselors help their clients find out what career is most suitable for them. If you have a good understanding of people, this could be the job for you.

7. Legal Consultant

Legal consultants are experts in the law and give businesses advice. Usually they specialize in certain areas, like patent law or tax law. Legal language can be very confusing for most people. This means that having this knowledge will make you valuable to businesses.

8. Marketing

Marketing consultants help business promote themselves. They do this by creating custom marketing plans and more. If you have a good understanding of people and the marketing world, being a marketing consultant could be the perfect job for you.

9. Communications

The job of a communications consultant is exactly what it sounds like. They encourage stronger communication in the workplace. Depending on the client, this might take a few different forms. Some clients need help communicating with their customers. Others may need help improving communication between employees in the business.

10. Computer programmer

The business world is using computers more and more often for basic tasks. For this reason, computer programmers are more in demand now than ever before. If you know computers, you will have a long list of clients just waiting to get your advice on their technology related needs.

11. Editorial services

Editorial consultants are the unseen heroes of many industries. After all, every industry has to put things in writing. Whether its letters to clients or quarterly reports, editorial consultants can help a business polish their written work.

12. Business writing

Like editorial consultants, business writing consultants exist to help businesses produce professional documents. Instead of simply editing, however, these consultants work with businesses to produce writing from scratch. They assist with every step of the writing process.

13. Gardening

Gardening consulting may seem unusual, but it is a rapidly growing industry. Consultants help business maintain their gardens and outdoor spaces. Some private citizens even hire these consultants to help maintain their neglected gardens.

14. Grantsmanship

Grant writing is a highly prized skill that many businesses need. Since this is a fairly specialized field, grant writers are widely in demand. This means that they can make a competitive salary as consultants.

15. Human resources

Human resources consultants help businesses resolve conflicts between employees. They also help create systems to prevent conflicts from happening in the first place. Conflict is a natural part of the workplace. For this reason, human resources consultants have a reliable source of income for years to come.

16. Insurance

Insurance can be a confusing industry, but any smart business owner knows that a good insurance plan is important. Generally, Insurance consultants are there to pair these business owners with the right plan for them and their business needs.

17. Payroll management

Payroll is an absolutely essential component of any professional business. Employees expect their pay in a timely and accurate manner. It is only fair that business owners ensure that they get it. Payroll management consultants exist to help make that happen.

18. Public relations

A businesses relationship to the public is critical to maintaining a strong customer base. Public relations consultants are there to make sure public perception of a business remains positive. They also help manage any public image crises that might arise in a graceful manner.

19. Publishing

Publishing consultants are professionals with knowledge about the publishing industry. They generally help newcomers to the writing and journalism industries roll out their publications successfully.

20. Taxes

A tax consultant is like an accounting consultant, but more specialized. Tax consultants help businesses figure out the right tax filing status to pay the least amount of taxes possible in accordance with the law.


All in all, getting into the consulting business is a great option for many people. Consulting gives you the freedom the take only the jobs you are interested in. You can be your own boss. The best part is that you can make an impressive salary as a consultant. 

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