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20 Websites for Finding Creative Writing Jobs and Make Money

20 Websites for Finding Creative Writing Jobs and Make Money

If you are a creative writer, here are the best websites to find creative writing jobs and make money online.

As a passionate writer, you can use your creative ideas and imagination to start earning money through different websites.

The Best Creative Writing Jobs

Creative writing covers different types of writing styles that surrounding human emotions. Creative writing can be for used for various purposes, including business, entertainment, information, and education. The most popular creative writing jobs such as

  • Novel Writing
  • Short Story
  • Poetry
  • Ghostwriting
  • Advertisement
  • Songwriting
  • Television and Movie scripts
  • Memories
  • Speech writing
  • Personal essays

20 Best Websites to Find Creative Writing Jobs Online


Poets & Writers is a nonprofit organization serving creative writers. This is a perfect place where poets and writers interact with each other. job listings section posts new job opportunities regularly.

If you are a poet or creative writer, you can find jobs in education, publishing, the arts, and other related industry.

2. WeLocalize

WeLocalize is the place where you can get a different type of copywriters freelance jobs for various languages.

Freelance translators are working for different languages. You can find we localize jobs availability in job board sites like glassdoor.

3. Writing Bunny

Writingbunny is another good place for getting jobs. It offers a wide range of employment opportunity for creative, talented people. It gives reasonable hourly rates for creative writers, but you need to pass a quality control test.

The platform allows writers to choose different subjects based on their skill level. On this site, not only you can apply for writing jobs, but also work as a translator or a voice actor. It’s free to join and application process.

You can set your own rates based on your experience and depending on the type of project work. When the new projects are available on the website, they will send you invitations to your email according to your skills.

4. Contentor

Contentor offers writing and translating content for eCommerce. If you are content writers or translators, this is a good site for you. As a writer, you can work remotely and have clear-set deadlines.

If you are interested, you can submit your application through their online system.

5. Guru

Guru is one of the most popular freelance websites which offers writing jobs for various industry. If you want to work as a freelance creative writer, this is the best site that you should consider.

There are many jobs available each week for different types of creative projects.

You can find jobs in almost every type of writing posts here. From educational research to entertainment script lines gets from You can earn money depending on your work hours or a number of words you are writing. Some projects are also available at a fixed price.

6. TheSunMagazine

The Sun is looking for short stories and poetry jobs. This site pays really good rates. You can earn from $300 to $1500 for short stories. The Sun will pay between $100 to $200 for poetry.

7. Sports Networker

Sports Networker is the right place for writers who are passionate about sports. If you have knowledge of web contents and publishing, you can submit an application for this position.

8. is an excellent site for creative writers to get works. From big companies to individuals employers post their projects here.

9. Smashwords

Smashwords offers service for writing publishing content directly to your readers. When your eBook was sold, you will get 60 – 80% from list price. It makes ebook publishing fast and easy.

10. DaySpring

DaySpring is the place where you can get jobs for writing greeting cards. This site only offers Christian faith-oriented greeting cards projects.

11. Relay Pub

12. Kindle Direct Publishing

13. The Black List

14. Blue Mountain Arts

15. Inbox Done

16. Rattle

17. Upworks

18. Flash Fiction Online

19. Glimmer Train

20. Pedestal Magazine 

Getting Creative Writing Jobs Online

Finding a creative writing job is easy and you can make a good income for your works. So, you can work on other platforms or directly publishing content your own website and earn money through online advertising or selling eBooks.

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