The Best Display Advertising Networks

The Best Display Advertising Networks

Display advertising is the most powerful ad format for both publishers and advertisers. Over the years, many innovative ad formats come to the online advertising industry, but display advertising still dominates in the market. Display advertising networks offer the best solution for both parties in terms of revenue so that they use it. 

Display ads can be cached user attention than other advertising formats like native ads. It could easily convey the reinforce message, so users will quickly click advertising and purchase items.

There are lots of display advertising networks out there to market your products or earn money by showing ads on your website. As a publisher or small blogger, you can easily install ads code on your blog. But, which one you need to choose. Placing too many display ads codes on your site affect your site loading speed and SEO. 

Take a look at the best display advertising networks for monetization. 

Top Display Advertising Networks

The following ten display advertising networks have made their mark when it comes to good earning and user’s satisfaction. Let’s discuss each type of ad network in detail.

1. Google AdSense 

Whenever you ask about monetization, you will hear about Google AdSense. Google AdSense is known as the king of display ad networks. Google display ads is the leading network, with over two million advertisers and billions of customers around the world. 

AdSense is an excellent choice for all types of publishers. It keeps 32% and pays 68% to the publishers. If you want to monetize with Google AdSense, it’s completely free, and you just visit and follow some easy steps. Google will analyze your website, and it may accept or reject your website depending upon your content, pages, design, and niches.

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2. SmartyAds

SmartyAds is a programmatic display advertising platform for publishers. To join this network, you need to have millions of monthly traffic. It also provides a range of ads formats. This CPM model ad network is best for high traffic websites to maximize revenue. 

3. Monumetric 

Monumetric follows a comparatively different strategy when it comes to earning, and you will see automatic ads depending upon your content and the visitors. This ad display network offers header bidding and page per views to increase revenue. You can apply multiple ad units on your website.

This is the best ad network when you have videos on your blog. If you want to monetize your website for this ad network, then make sure that your blog has 10,000 monthly organic or direct traffic from reliable sources. The content must be genuine, unique, and updated if you want to avail of the service.

4. Epom

Epom works with leading publishers and advertisers. You can place Epom ads to earn more money from your traffic. They offer a different ads format and ad banner sizes to maximize earnings.

The Best Display Advertising Networks

5. Ezoic 

Ezoic is a sophisticated ad management network in the internet world. It maximizes the speed of the website and earning. This ad network is easy to use and works with. In order to monetize your website with Ezoic, your website must have 10K monthly traffic. Unlike Google AdSense, it may take some time for monetization. Over 25000 publishers have worked with Ezoic, and they experienced an increase in revenue to 115%. Before applying, make sure your site has no invalid clicks/impressions, gambling content, copied content, and fake traffic sources.

6. is the best alternative to Google AdSense. This is the reason that many publishers rely on this ad network after their AdSense is disabled, and some use both AdSense and to increase the revenue.

When you are going to apply, you need to place an HTML tag that comprises beautiful ad units. It takes help from Yahoo and Bing to show contextual ads on the blogs. It is indeed one of the best display advertising networks and a strong competitor to Google AdSense. 

7. Mediavine 

It is believed that Mediavine has a strong and successful future because of its admirable servicing and management. Your blog should have a minimum of 25000 genuine traffic if you want to monetize with this ad network.

Mediavine has direct concerns with the advertisers around the world, which leads to safety, and faster load services. If you switch to Mediavine, you can double the earning. Also, they give 75% of the earning to the publishers where the ads are placed. Your blog or website must possess original content and genuine traffic.

8. Adthrive 

Adthrive is yet another famous ad network, which is one of the highest paying display advertising networks as well. This ad network enjoys a 17-year strong relation with the other ad brands. You can double or even triple your earning by monetizing your website with Adthrive. To apply, your website should have at least 100,000 monthly traffic, and a major part of it should be from the USA.

Final Thoughts 

These are the top display advertising networks for bloggers. You can monetize your website with these ad networks to enhance your earning. Your website should follow all the terms and conditions of these networks when you are going to apply.