Top Ten Websites to Get Paid to Listen to Music in 2020

10 websites to earn money listen to music

Do you want to get paid to listen to music online or review songs? In this post, I will showcase a list of websites and apps that pay you to listen to music and review songs for money.

Everyone loves to listen to songs because it boosts our brainpower and makes us feel relaxed. Many of us spend a lot and lots of hours listening to songs on our mobile phone or any other devices. But do you know that you can make money listen to music?

So, how to earn money online by listening to music. There is a bunch of websites that will pay you for using their sites or apps. You are able to earn money for just simply listen to songs and rate them.

Get Paid to Listen to Music

Let’s take a look at the best ten websites to make money by listening to music.

1. Slicethepie

Slicethepie is the best music review website. This online music review site is providing feedback about the latest and upcoming music artists from the world. You will earn cash for every review you leave. It’s the best place to review songs for money. It pays money for reviewers through PayPal with the minimum payout $10. You need to have a Paypal account to receive money.

This company offer a referral program so you can invite your friends through social media. You will get 20% commissions when you refer your friend. 

How to review music for money? 

10 Websites to Get Paid to Listen to Music

Once a new song available on the platform, you can listen to songs and rate the music. You have to listen to the song at least 30-60 seconds before submitting your review. It varies music to music. They send you a different type of music genre to rate. 

2. MusicXray

MusicXray is a site that pays for singers and songwriters to submit their songs. As a users, you can earn money by listening to music. 

You need to hear the recordings that are mostly 30 seconds long. The platform pay10 cents per song for their users. When you listen to songs for an hour while you are working or doing other activity, you can earn $5 to $12 per hour. The site’s minimum threshold is $20 to send out to users earnings. It pays users earnings through PayPal. So, you can make money without working. This is a very good site to get paid to listen to music.


If you want to earn money listening to the radio, RadioEarn is a web-based radio that will pay you for listening songs. You can use RadioEarn wherever you are. It is available in many countries, so worldwide listeners have an opportunity to make some cash. In the dashboard, there are lots of radio station accessible so you can choose from a wide variety of radio stations to earn money listening to radio.

Basically, it pays you to listen to advertisements while enjoying the music. 

Start earning by click on your radio link. You can also use live API for your website if you have a website. Then insert API to your website and let visitors listen for you and you will earn extra money.

You will earn points for every 15 minutes. Convert those points to US dollars. Payments are made via Paypal each month.

4. Earnably

Earnably basically multitasks website so you will get rewards to complete different tasks. Each task provides you with different points for finishing it. There are many tasks available such as taking daily surveys, watching advertisements, music videos, and also listening to the radio. Earnably is not available in some countries, so if this platform does not accept your country, and you can choose an alternative site from this list. 

5. Cash4minutes

This is a great site that pays its users for calling and listening to the radio. Cash4Minutes lets you earn cash through user’s unused phone minutes by hearing to online radio broadcasts. People from around the world can use this site to make money. When you refer a new user to the platform, you will get some extra bucks. Referral commission rate is 5%.

6. Current Rewards

Current Rewards is one of the best apps that pay you to listen to music. This app is available for iOS and Android device. You will get rewards while playing your favorite music. You could earn points by listening your favourite music and you can spend your earned points to purchase any brands products. 

7. PlaylistPush

PlaylistPush allows audio streaming & music platform Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music users to earn money with their playlists. This platform is the easiest ways to get paid to listen to Spotify.

 A curator can make money for the playlist. PlaylistPush site wants curator to have at least 400 followers on your playlist to become as a curator. You will make money per song depends on your reputation. The company pays between $1-$12 per song review. They sent out payment once you have $20 in your account. You can make as much as $20 for each song you manage to review successfully.

8. Hitpredictor

Hitpredictor claims to reward you for listening to music. This music research company pre-tests songs before releasing the final version to the market. Users can choose their type of music, listen to the sample of music provided and rate them. Collect enough points, and then you can exchange them for Amazon gift cards and prizes.

9. WeLocalize

WeLocalize is another trustworthy site to get paid to listen to music. What do you need to do making money from WeLocalize? You have to transcribe lyrics to your favorite songs and any type of music or audio files. Listen to an audio file and type what you hear on that file. This company pay for transcribers on a per-song basis.

10 FusionCash

FusionCash also has the option to earn money listen to music. This is one of the trusted sites to get pocket money by doing small tasks.

Final Thought 

These sites help you get some pocket cash, but these aren’t a great way to make a lot of money quickly.

You cannot rely on this type of method for income. Doing online surveys or money-sharing apps and sites will never pay you more than minimum wage.

If you want to legit make money online, you need to invest time into building a website and putting advertising on it. You want to earn more money to pay your bills, you should invest your time in a valuable online business idea to make passive income.