11 Sites to Make Money Reading Emails

Get Paid to Read Emails - 11 Sites Make Money by Reading Emails

You will get paid to read emails without investment. So, how to earn money by reading emails.

If you don’t know about this system, you may wonder how or why they do this and how can I make money by reading emails.

Companies require their product or service to reach more and more people because they need to increase sales and get more profit. Hence, they try all the marketing campaigns and ad promotions. 

Email marketing is the proven method to send more traffic to their website and boost conversion rates. So, big companies use their own email marketing and also hire the third party “get paid to send emails sites” for reaching more consumers.

When you sing up one of these get paid to sites, you will receive branded messages. So, if you read emails, you can make money for reading branded messages. 

Therefore, advertisers want app users to read email ads. So, they pay these websites for each video ad they watch, email advertisements they see, and apps they try. 

Once you read those email ads, you will get paid cash through Paypal or gift cards. This is another way to earn extra money online.  

It’s really simple tasks anyone can do. You don’t need to spend money. Just Read Emails and Earn Rewards.

Anyone works on these websites without any skills.

You can make money in your free time and with your phone.

You will get points to read emails, and then you are able to redeem those points to Paypal cash or gift cards.

There are some websites available to make money online by reading emails. These are legitimate websites that pay you to read emails.

Get Paid to Read Emails – Make Money by Reading Emails

In this list, I’m going to showcase the 12 best websites to earn money for reading emails.

1. Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars has different ways to make money online doing simple tasks. They offer many opportunities like online surveys, watch videos, paid search, and as well as read emails.

You will get a $5 bonus for signing up for an account. Companies sent emails ads to the Inboxdollars platform for people to see messages about their sales, new products, and promotions. 

Inboxdollars Get Paid to Read Emails

You can earn cash for reading them in your mobile phone or desktop computers.

Inboxdollars pay you not only reading emails, but also, you can earn cash for taking short surveys, searching the web, cashback shopping, and more.

It is a great site to get some pocket money. When you spend your free time on this site, you may make additional income.

InboxDollars app is available on Google Play Store and iTunes. So, you can earn money through your iPhone or Android devices.

2. FusionCash

Fusion Cash is one of the best sites that pay you Paypal money for watching videos, daily cash emails, paid to click, cashback shopping, search, and other paid tasks.

It has a referral bonus system, so when you refer to your friend, and they confirm his/her email address, you will get an additional bonus.

FusionCash only allows joining people from the US and Canada. Users must be 18 years and older to be eligible on this site membership.

3. My Points

My Points is another site to make money from reading emails. Like InboxDollars, it also offers various methods to earn points such as watching video ads, shops, games, and emails.

To earn money by reading emails, you need to visit their partner site to receive points. This website also in the field for many years, and it’s a legit site that will help you make money online in your free time.

4. Unique Rewards

Another best site to get paid to read emails. Unique Rewards also provides various ways to make money fast. For example, make money reading emails, Watching Videos, listening to the radio, completing offers and surveys, and more.

If you sign up for an account, you will get $5 just and additional $5.00 every time you refer a friend.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the first choice for making money without any skills. It is a legit website to get paid to read emails and earn money from your home.

It’s available in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, India, Australia, and Ireland, 13+ other countries.

6. SendEarnings

SendEarnings is a legit Get Paid To website that gives cash for reading emails. This site associated with the most trusted brands in retail, tech, and market research companies. Hence, you may get really good offers and earning opportunities. 

7. UniqPaid

UniqPaid is another great GPT site that lets worldwide users earn money by reading emails. This site also offers other ways of making money from completing paid tasks and online surveys, visiting websites, and online shopping. Sign up a free account and earn real money.

8. Cash4Offers 

Cash4Offers allows users from the UK, US, Canada, and Australia to join with this GPT site. You will get paid to read emails, complete cash offers, take surveys, and more. You can earn extra for referring your friends to this platform.

9. Points2shop

Points2shop pays you not only for reading emails but also watching videos, playing games, shop online, take surveys, etc. Mobile apps also available so you can get paid to read emails from anywhere you are.

10. InboxPays

InboxPays is another good site for getting paid to read emails. Similar to FusionCash, it only supports US residents. Join with the platform to get paid for emails, offers, and survey tasks.

11. DailyRewards

DailyRewards is another website from InboxDollars. It works like other sites from this list and also offers a $5 bonus. It not only paid to open emails and read messages, but you also get paid for referring friends to this site.


So, some sites pay to read email. But, you never get a large amount of money reading emails or other simple tasks on these types of websites. But, if you are looking to earn money by email reading in your free time, this is an easy method to make extra cash in a few minutes.

You want to earn passive money for the long term or while you are sleeping. You need to start an online business and build blogs with minimal investment. Blogging allows you to earn thousands of dollars for years.