12 Best Ways to Make Money On Social Media in 2022

12 Best Ways to Make Money On Social Media

How to make money on social media. Here are 12 easy and the best ways to make money from social media. No matter how many friends or followers you have. Some of your followers would be interested in buying some of the products or services you offer. So, it’s a great chance you to earn some extra cash each month. There are many ways people make money on social media. Let’s start.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Let’s start with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to earn money on social media. You can simply sign up Amazon Affiliate program. Go to Amazon product page you want to share.

You can also promote ClickBank or any other affiliate program. You can use this method on other social media accounts like Twitter, Pinterest.

2. Fiverr – Share Other Websites Articles

You can promote other website articles on your social media account through your Fiverr. You can earn 5 -$100 or even more based on your fan following. You can promote your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram account.

Create a Fiverr seller account and then you can easily create your first gig.

3. Collaborating with Brands

Working with brands is an excellent way to earn an income, grow your audience, and share useful products with your followers. You should grow your followers before you begin collaborating with brands.

You can reach out to brands directly or you can use networks that connect brands with social media influencers.

4. Online Instagram Shop

Instagram Shop is another easiest method to connect your followers to online shop. If you don’t know how to set up Instagram Shop, Take a look at step by step guide on WikiHow website.

5. Share Your Referral Links

Sharing Your Referral Links is another way to earn money. You don’t need a blog or website to get profit from referral programs.

Many shopping sites will give you cash or store credit for referring your family and friends to their service. (like Groupon, Zulily, Swagbucks, and Ebates)

6. Selling Your Photos

If you’re sharing photography on Instagram actively, you can earn money selling your photos. You can use online platforms like Mobileprints, Snapwire and Twenty20 to find buyers.

7. Promote Your Crafts

If you create handmade crafts and clothing, you have an opportunity to showcase your products on social media.

Instagram Pinterest and Facebook Groups are the best places to promote your products. You can also direct your followers to check out your products on your blog or third party marketplace like Etsy account.

8. Get Paid to Pin

If you are an active Pinterest user, you can make money sign up with a company like Loop88. This website matches brands with pinners in their niche. Then you will get paid to pin.

9. Promote Your Coaching or Consulting Services

Social media is the best place to generate leads for your coaching and consulting service. You can use Instagram and Youtube to reach targeted customers. 

10. Informational Products

Do you have knowledge in a specific subject area?

So, you have to establish yourself as an authority in a niche, either via a blog or social media. After you have grown a great following. Then, you can start selling products such as an ebook, audio and video course.

11. Become A Social Media Manager

There are many companies seeking people to handle their social media accounts. So, if you have excellent knowledge of various social media, you can become a freelance or office-based job social media manager.

12.  Join the YouTube Partner Program

If you already have a Youtube channel with more than 1000 followers and 4000 hours watching in the last 12 months, you can join the YouTube Partner Program.

These are the best and easy method to turn your social accounts as a money making source.