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9 Ways to Get Sponsored Content for Your Website or Blog

Sponsored content is one of the lucrative ways to monetize your website. However, most bloggers have a question How to get sponsored posts for the blog.

There are several sponsored blog post opportunities available online, but how to get for your blog. In this article, I’m going to post some of the easy ways I use for getting sponsors to make money with sponsored posts. 

If you monetize your blog with display advertising only, sponsored posts can be an additional income source when handling it properly.

This post is going to discuss.

  • What is a sponsored content/post?
  • Things that you should consider before accepting sponsorship content? 
  • How often can you publish sponsored articles on your blog?
  • The best ways to get sponsored posts for your blog/website.
  • How much can you earn from sponsored posts?

What is sponsored content?

Sponsored content is a paid content that looks like the other articles appearing on a website. Brands pay for promoting and participating either their services or products by writing an article on the site. 

Companies use sponsorship post to tell a story on behalf of a brand, instead of they are directly pushing a product to customers.

Sponsored articles can be written by either the website owner or by the sponsoring brand itself. Blogger will get paid to talk about a product or service on their blog.

9 Ways to Get Sponsored Content for Your Website or Blog

What are the things you should consider before accepting sponsored content? 

Before accepting sponsorship, you need to have a clear goal and your blog audience mindset why they come to read your site.

I think that accept only related industry sponsorship content is good for your site because your readers may like it. Sponsors also happy with the results so they might come to deal with your site again.

You should carefully review sponsored brand products and services before promoting on your site. It goes wrong you may lose reputation.

When you give do-follow backlinks to their website, you have to keep an eye on link strength. If the sponsored website is blacklisted by Google, it will affect your site. So you should avoid unnatural backlinking.

You have to set clear deals and condition like how many words, images, backlinks, and other things in the article. 

How often can you publish sponsored articles on your blog?

It depends on how many times you publish regular content on your site. Are you publishing articles daily or a few times per week or month?

If you are posting contents every day, you can publish a maximum two sponsored post a week.

If you are sharing new contents a few times per week, you can publish one sponsored article per week.

You should have a good balance between regular posts and sponsored posts. Publishing too many sponsored content may hurt your SEO.

How to get sponsored posts for your blog

There are several ways to get a sponsored post. Here are the 9 best methods to get sponsored posts for your blog quickly.

1. Create a Page to Get Clients

Creating a page on your blog is the easiest ways to get noticed by brands. Many brands are searching bloggers to related to their products.

If you have a section of a page that indicates your acceptation of a sponsored post, companies usually like to see your media kit before working with you. They can easily reach you via your contact section.

Just create an adverting page with key information like the monthly audience reach and total social media followers, but don’t put too many conditions on the landing because some brand may avoid contacting you. 

Once they reach you and then you can talk about price and other details. 

2. Use Influencer Marketing Platform

There are lots of influencer marketing network that connects brands and publishers. When you are signing up an account on those marketing platforms, you may receive an opportunity. 

Influencer Marketing to Get Sponsored Blog Post

Some of the popular sponsored post company like IZEA, Upfluence, and many more platforms out there for specific types of topics just googled and find relevant networks. 

3. Reach Out Brand Directly

Another quick way to get sponsorship posts for your blog, you have to reach brands directly. If you are going to write an article about a product or you are interested in promoting their service, contact brand you like. Sometimes they might be interested in collaborating with you.

Just, share your media kit and explain to them what the advantage they will get when they post an article on your blog in terms of target audience reach, social share, backlink benefits, sales opportunity. So you need to send an attractive email to the brand. 

Once you’ve developed partnerships with some brands and then getting a new sponsored post is a lot easier.

4. Use Freelance Service Marketplace

Some freelancing sites will help you getting sponsored contents for your website. Fiverr is one of the best places, especially for new bloggers.

Already many bloggers use Fiverr to earn money with sponsored content. It’s a free site. You just need to create a Gig like one of these and put your website strength and details to get sponsored content. 

You may get sponsored post immediately, or three months later, there is no cost, so that create your website profile.

5. Join Blogger Networks

Joining with blogger networks is another easy way to find new clients. When you contribute to a blogger network, you can reach new audiences and other bloggers in that niche.

There are multiple websites that offer paid post opportunities for publishers. You can use sites like Blog DashValuedVoice, and BlogHer. These platforms connect bloggers with the right advertisers. 

6. Increase Your Traffic Numbers 

You want to earn more, the first thing you need to do increasing the blog traffic. It’s really important whether you are looking to make money through display ads, native advertising, or sponsored contents. 

You can use a wide range of free traffic sources to get more visitors to your websites. More traffic means you have more possibilities to reach more advertisers easily. 

7. Related Post Consistently

Consistent is the key to success in any business. If you post articles regularly, it has a better possibility to reach a new set of audience and advertisers.

Writing more content related to your last sponsors on your blog, their competitors may reach to publish their brands. It’s another way to connect with more brands in your niche.

8. Increase Domain Authority

Brands always consider domain authority when they partnership with publishers. If your domain authority very low, It’s really hard to get a better deal.

If you are looking to increase domain authority, check out SEOPressor steps that may help you gain some score. Reaching high-level domain authority takes time, you don’t worry about that. Just publish an excellent piece of contents, and then you will get more backlinks.

9. Share or Advertise on Social Media 

Share your media kit on different social media. Brands are interested in seeing your media kit before advertising with your site. 

If you have a micro-niche blog, the social network is the best choice to share your media kit and reach the target companies. 

Facebook advertising or sole advertising is the easiest way to show your various sponsorship packages that you offer for companies. However, it may be very difficult to manage ads by small publishers. 

How much money can you earn from sponsored posts?

You can charge based on website niche, your current traffic, future growth expectation, and website authority score. 

And also, who is writing content? If the content is written by a website owner, you could charge more money based on article length and promotion fee.

If contents were written by the brand, they would only pay for promotion payment. 

For example, one of my blogs has 30 domain authority and 15000 monthly traffic. It also a profitable niche site. 

I charge $100 to $200 if I write the brand’s sponsored post with 1000 words long. 

If the brand company wrote a sponsored post, I would charge $40 for publishing new content or add a backlink to an existing post.

I know that there are many established blogs charge $2000 for one sponsored post. Some niche blogs like travel bloggers earn more than $20000 per month by publishing a few sponsored posts. 

If you are not getting any sponsored post, you can invite industry niche related guest post to attract new clients.


If you want to monetize your blog with sponsored content, the first thing you need to develop your site authority and website traffic in the specific subject area. If you currently have lower traffic, focus on increasing traffic, building backlinks, and write more and more long-form articles. 

Once you get a decent amount of visitors, you can monetize your website in different ways and make money with different online business

Do you have sponsored post section on your blog? If so, share your experience below.