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12 Websites Like Fiverr for New Freelancers in 2022

12 Websites Like Fiverr

Fiverr is the best freelance marketplace for small business to find online services at affordable prices. People who are new to the freelancing industry, it’s a great place to get started their career as a freelancer. 

Fiverr marketplace has a huge scale of buyers and sellers. It’s not the only place out there. There are many similar websites offer the same services Fiverr offers, but when it comes to scale and quality, Fiverr always on the top. 

However, knowing sites like Fiverr is an excellent idea because you can build your freelance profile in more than one place that will help your earning opportunity diversity. 

Here is a list of the best websites like Fiverr to make money online. 

The Best Sites Like Fiverr

1. Legiit

When it comes to similar to Fiverr, Legiit is the first option. Not only Legiit user interface looks like Fiverr, but also it provides various gigs for freelances. Like Fiverr, you can quickly start selling your service on Legiit. It has decent buyers group. 

Popular services are graphic design, writing, SEO, internet marketing, and video & audio. Sellers are able to withdraw their earnings through PayPal and Payoneer.  

2. Zeerk 

Zeerk is one of the best micro jobs and freelance sites. Here, you can get online services as low as $3. Zeerk UI close to Fiverr UI so you can easily manage your selling services spending too much time learning the platform. 

3. Upwork

If you are looking at the best alternative to Fiverr, obviously Upwork is an excellent place. You can make more money for your services with Upwork and also you have to have in-depth knowledge and experience to succeed on the Upwork. Thus, are you a new freelancer or have less experience? You should start on Fiverr or sites like Fiverr.

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4. Fivesquid 

If you are searching sites like Fiverr in the UK, Fivesquid is the best marketplace website that targets the UK business. You can sell or find works from five pounds (£5). It has a PRO Seller upgrade option. As a Pro seller, you will get some extra benefits from Fivesquid.

Fivesquid Website like Fiverr

5. SEOClerk

This is another Fiverr alternative for SEO services. SEOClerk provides a range of SEO related freelance services like link building, keywords analysis, website traffic generation and more. You can quickly register your account and build a profile to sell services. As a seller, you can sell your gig from $1 to $1000.

6. Kwork

Kwork is the best sites like Fiverr in Russia. But, the minimum service price is much higher than Fiverr, starting freelance services at $10. It provides a wide range of online services. 

7. WorkNHire

This is a very good place where you can find freelance jobs in India for freshers. WorkNHire share freelance work for the Indian market. The service price currency is rupees so you will receive your earnings in your local currency. However, buyer amount slightly very low on this site there is only India-based business post their ad on this site.

8. Konker

KonKer is a fast-growing freelance site for internet marketing. This free service platforms allows the seller to easily create their gig and start selling as soon as it lives. KonKer is a good website for new freelancers but compared other similar sites; it includes less number of buyers and sellers.

9. Gigbucks 

Gigbucks is another micro jobs website that offers Fiverr like services. But, in recent time this site loos their popularity. There are not many jobs opportunity available, but this site still active and provides gigs for sellers.

10. Broxer 

Are you looking sites like Fiverr in India? Broxer is a new freelance that helps you to make money by offering online services.

11. Fiverup

If you are looking at an affordable site that is cheaper than Fiverr gigs, Fiverup is the right website for you to hire freelancers. Fiverup offers services to a different category.

12. Top Freelancers

There are more than a hundred freelance websites available to buy and sell services. Most popular freelance sites like Toptal, PeoplePerHour, SimplyHired and some others offer high-quality services for high prices. As a buyer, you will hire industry-experienced people for your projects.

As a freelancer, you can make more money than Fiverr alternatives. Do you want to earn more money from freelancing? Then, you need to have experience and develop your knowledge once you adopt the right skill. You will offer better service and join the premium marketplace to increase your monthly revenue.

These are the best websites like Fiverr to find freelancing work for beginners. However, there are some micro task sites also help you earn extra bucks in 2021.