10 Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram 2020

10 Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram

In this post, I will show you how to make money on Instagram. There are many ways available to earn money with Instagram accounts. How much money can you make on Instagram? It depends on the size and quality audience that you have for good engagement.

Your Instagram growths rely on how your posts get engagement with audiences. Instagram algorithm will be visible your post to only 10 per cent of your audience initially. If your photo gets a lot of engagement, then it will be visible to the other 90 per cent of your audience.

If your photos are got less engagement, you will lose appearing at the top of Instagram feeds. 

You always keep in mind that any type of online money making strategy takes time and work before you start seeing real results.

Not only Instagram but also make money using other social media is trending topic and many people earn thousands of dollars. These are proven methods available to every active Instagram users can make money online. Let’s take a look at 10 best ways to make money on Instagram in 2020.

Make Money with Instagram

1. Earn Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate marketing can be a good revenue stream once you’ve got a decent following.  You are able to share affiliates product in exchange for a commission.

Instagram allows you to add tracked link to your bio section.

You need to focus on only one product at a time. For every customer who visits the affiliate website using your link, the company pays you a certain amount of money.

When customers visit the affiliate website using your link, the company pays you a certain amount of money. So, you will get a percentage of the profit if the user makes a purchase.

2. Adsense

You can drive traffic from Instagram to your website or YouTube Channel. If you post valuable content on your blog, you will earn decent money from Adsense.

You could also post-snap preview video and say “see the rest of this video on my YouTube Channel.”

3. Shout Outs to Smaller Instagrammers

If you already have huge followers, you can promote other users and charging payment. Many people use Fiverr to find customers and earn money. In Fiverr, Instagram shout-outs price is range from $50, $100, even $200 per post. So if you promote for $50 to $200 per post, you will earn from $1000 to $5000 monthly.

You can leverage your popularity for money by offering to provide shout-outs to other Instagrammers in return for a fee. You can shout-out in many ways like:

  • Sharing your client’s post.
  • You are tagging them in your posts.
  • You can ask your followers to check out their page.
  • Becoming a follower of your client’s page, and liking and regularly commenting on their posts.

4. Sponsored Posts

Once you become a social media influencer, you can earn money for posting sponsored products through your Instagram page. Which means companies will pay you to make posts relating to their products or services.

You could reach out to companies’ marketing departments directly, or you could join with influencer marketing platforms. There are many marketing websites connect influential Instagram users and advertisers.

The amount of money you will be able to earn with sponsored posts depends on various factors, including the number of followers you have, actual posts have reached the target audience and the number of actual sales of your efforts.

5. Sell Your Instagram Photos

You can sell your famous Instagram photos on different online market places.

You should upload high-quality photos on Instagram because it ’s possible that you could start licensing your photos to companies that are willing to pay to use them for their own brand-building purposes.

Foap is the best online photography marketplace. You can sign up for free, create a new user profile, build your portfolio to start attracting buyers, and browse through the “Missions” section for high paying projects that companies are specifically looking for.

6. E-commerce Store

If you are selling physical products online, Instagram is an excellent platform for you to market your products. You can use different attracting products photos with related tags to bring consumers to your online store from Instagram.

7. Become Instagram Guru

Selling course is trending now. Many small business owners don’t have time to spend too much on Instagram how it’s work day by day.

So, if you have excellent knowledge and marketing skills in Instagram, you can teach people via video or PDF course.

There are many types of software which allow you to create classes and presentations using your knowledge that can be accessed by subscribers in return for a fee.


You can upload your courses on the tutorial site like Teachable and share course link on your Instagram page.

8. Promote Your Own Services

What industry are you working? Whether you are a photographer, business coach, makeup artist, or even a construction worker, Instagram is the best place to push forward any service even faster than on Facebook.

Take a look photographer is promoting his photography services on Instagram by posting great content.

Promote Your Own Services on Instagram

If you establish yourself for a particular local business service or online consulting, you can easily convert your Instagram followers as customers.

9. Become Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing Manager is a person who promotes brands and services in social media and gets paid for this job.

Many companies are currently opening position for the social media manager. You can find freelance or office-based jobs near your location. 

There are many Instagram marketing tools available for efficient analysis of the target audience and the creation of the marketing campaigns. Learn how they work and proceed to search for your first client.

10. Capture Email Subscribers

Building your own email subscribers list is a very good effort because it helps you earn money in the long run.

You can retarget your subscribers again and again to an affiliate marketing offer or CPA network, any other advertising purpose.

In the beginning, you can use free email list-building service.

MailChimp is the best email list-building service that allows you to collect up to 2,000 email subscribers for free.

You can easily create and schedule emails to be sent out to your subscribers. You can use to send them to purchase links to affiliate products or even your own products. They may be interested in buying so you can earn commissions.

In conclusion

Making money on Instagram is the easy part, but building a huge, loyal following is obviously not so easy. Focus on your time to build a loyal fan base following, and then you can easily earn money in different ways.

If you already have a large following then give some try to make money from one of these methods. Instagram can be a good money maker especially if you get into the shoutout game.