17 Easy Ways to Earn Money for Holidays – Make Extra Cash for Christmas

17 Easy Ways to Earn Money for Holidays - Extra Cash

Everyone spends more money during the holidays, but how can you earn extra money in the Christmas season. Here, I will share with you some of the easy ways to make cash for holidays. 

In the holidays, people spend more time with family and friends, travel and have fun and more shopping as well. According to the study, last year, 86% of millennials overspent on holiday gifts. 

Overspending might affect your savings and budget planning for upcoming months. So, how can you avoid the financial struggle? Well, a secure method, you need to make a bit of extra money while enjoying your holidays with your loved ones. 

How Can I Get Money for Christmas

Here, in this blog, we shared a lot of tips for making money online. However, today we are going to give some easy ways to earn money for holidays. 

1. Use Your Car

This is an easy one. You can use your car if you have. Companies such as Uber and Lyft are the right choice to join and share space in your vehicle to make money. 

These two ridesharing companies offer services in almost every big city. You can make an extra $1,000 or more when you finish from 100 to 150 rides. If you meet their requirements, sing up process easy, and you are able to work on your flexible hours. 

2. Sell Holiday Photos

Have you a plan to visit Christmas town or other holiday spots or even Disney Park? You surely have a smartphone, or sometime you may have a pro camera, so take a picture if you can. 

There are lots of places available to sell photos online. You can also sell your holiday photography to brands through websites like Foap, Snapwire, and TwentyTwenty. 

3. Write Holiday Stories

More and more people prefer to read holiday-inspired stories in December. And, do you have the ability to share religious-inspired stories through creative writing piece. If you have writing experience or not, you can work on freelance websites to find clients. Or, you can join with the Medium partner program to write stories and earn money for Christmas holidays.

 4. Design Greeting Cards

Designing new year or Christmas greeting cards is another great way to make money for the holiday season. Some people use Photoshop, and others use online photo editors to create greeting cards. Whatever photo editing software you have for creating a card that shares with your relatives or friends.

Christmas greeting cards

You can sell your creative holiday greeting cards on sites like Redbubble. If you design handmade Christmas greeting cards, Etsy is a good platform to get sales. 

5. Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

Are you receiving lots of gift cards, but not using them at all? You can sell unwanted gift cards and get some money. There are some websites available where you are able to sell unused gift cards to other consumers. 

Some of the best sites for selling unwanted gift cards:

6. Testing Apps 

If you are comfortable to try new apps, it is another easy method to make extra money for a limited time. Testing websites like Usertesting and pay from $10 to $60 per test. But, if you are techie, you can join with tester work to earn even more money. 

7. Sell Old Items

Do you have so many items which no useful for you? Whether its books, old clothes, mugs, crafts, electronics, or any others, you can resell those items for cash. Some platforms are specially designed to sell old things. 

8. Social Media Influencer

Become a social media influencer is an easy way to earn a decent amount of money. Do you have substantial Instagram followers or on other social media? You can make money with Instagram through influencer platforms. 

In the holiday season, many companies are willing to pay more cash to promote their products or services. So, you might get a chance to increase your income this month.

9. Micro Jobs

If you are looking for very lazy jobs for holidays, you can use micro job sites to earn PayPal cash or gift cards. These websites offer a range of simple tasks such as watching videos for money, tasting products, reading emails for rewards, simple quizzes, and a lot more.

10. Become a Tasker

If you like to do tasks like deliver food and other tasks, you can earn money for holidays. There are many websites that will help you get a few bucks in the holidays. For example UberEATS, Shipt, TaskRabbit, Gigwalk.

11. Online Survey Sites

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make money during the holiday is survey websites. There are hundreds of paid survey sites on the internet and some of the legit one to check out: Survey Junkie, Mintvine, Toluna to earn extra cash.

12. Get Signup Bonuses

You can also earn money, only sign up a website and get their bonus points. It is not a good method but an easy one. There are some sites paid rewards for signing up. The most popular sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, FushionCash, Rakuten, etc. You may get a $5 to $10 bonus.

13. Flip Items

Flipping items is a good business model, but it is not easy for some people. However, if you have social influence, you can earn some quick cash this holiday. You can flip any goods from toys, holiday gift items, furniture to cars. 

14. Teach English

Teaching English online is another easiest way to earn money in your holiday free time. If you are an English language native speaker, you can teach conversational English. This job pays $14-$24 per hour.

VIPKID, Palfish, and Nicetalk are dedicated platform to earn money by teaching for second language kids. You can also use other online educational platforms to teach English or any other skills that you have.

15. Petsitting

Do you love pets? You can quickly earn some cash for holiday time. Petsitting is one of the side gigs which some people do monthly. Rover and are hiring pet sitters. So, if you’d like petsitting for a limited time, you might get some income this month. 

16. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual Assistant job has one of the most demanded home jobs in the holiday season. It is another good option if you are interesed. Virtual Assistants assist companies with tasks like scheduling meetings, data entry, email management, and many more.

17. Mystery Shopping

Mystery Christmas Shopping is another way to earn Christmas money. BestMark and Second to None are the well know mystery shopping companies. So, this is one of the methods to get a little extra money.

If you are surfing the web to find new ways to earn money for holidays, all of these ideas might be useful for you. This list of money-making ideas can only give some additional income and may full fill your extra cash needs.